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Frequently Asked Questions


Top questions about hardwood flooring, provided by at Wicks Wood Floors in Waukesha:

Cracks Between Boards

Almost every hardwood floor endures some expansion and contraction as seasons and humidity levels change. When homes are heated, humidity levels plummet, boards shrink and spaces appear between the boards. In dry months, cracks can easily develop to the thickness of a dime. Light colored woods make the cracks more noticeable. These spaces are to be expected and usually close up as the season changes and moisture returns to the air. Wicks Wood Floors, Inc. recommends installing a humidifier to help reduce the degree of change.

Fading of Wood Floors

Exposure to excessive direct sunlight through windows can cause fading or discoloration. This is no different than other fabrics such as carpeting or furniture in the home. Wicks Wood Floors, Inc. recommends the use of drapes or blinds during times of direct sunlight exposure.

Pets and Woods Floors

Many people believe they can't have a wood floor because they have a pet. As long as you keep your pets claws trimmed regularly and follow proper floor maintenance, your hardwood will wear fine. Wicks Wood Floors, Inc. uses the highest grade of residential finish in the industry. Your home will actually be cleaner with hardwood flooring, because pet hair will not be trapped and is easy to clean up.

Wood Floor Life Expectancy

Hardwood flooring will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Isn't it nice to know that after you're done paying your mortgage, replacing your roof, water heater, gutters, appliances, and other home items you will still have your wood floor. Wood flooring actually increases the value of your home. Hardwood floors can be sanded approximately 7 times with 15-20 years between each sanding.

Board Replacement or Repair

Wicks Wood Floors, Inc. can replace pet-stained boards or water damaged boards in your existing hardwood floor. After the board or boards are replaced, the area is sanded to a uniform flatness and a custom stain is mixed to match existing flooring.

Wood Flooring Versus other Flooring Products

Wood flooring is 7 times warmer then tile and 2 times warmer than linoleum. The cost of a wood floor is generally cheaper then tile. The price of wood flooring is comparable to a good quality laminate or carpet. Hardwood flooring actually increases the value of your home.

Service Area

Wicks Wood Floors proudly serves homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Sussex, Elm Grove, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, New Berlin and all other surrounding areas. Whether you're looking for hardwood flooring for new construction or your historic home, Wicks can install the hardwood flooring you've always dreamed about.


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